Infinity Square Steel Lumbar Pillow 12"x22"

Grouchy Goose

$30.00 Regular price $60.00
Limitless, endless and without boundary, let the accolades and compliments on your fashion savvy and stylishness begin with the selection of a sumptuous cut velvet pillow by Grouchy Goose.  Interlocking byzantine squares evoke an MC Escher etching.  Perfect symmetry on display in posh taupe, steel, and pewter comprised of cut velvet that looks and feels like an exotic silk Persian rug.  Backing made of lovely grey velvet woven with a graceful striation for extra appeal.  Hidden zipper makes lines of pillow seamless and let emphasis fall on the evocative pattern.  Exquisite complementary pillows include Metro, Wavelength, Domain, Oscar and Croc.