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Oscar Grey Faux Osterich

Grouchy Goose


Oscar Grey Faux Osterich is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Exotic ostrich leather is distinctive for its pattern of bumps remaining after the famous feathers have been pulled.  Tanning prized ostrich leather requires a specialized and expensive production process making its aesthetic value costly.  But with this luxurious faux interpretation of haute couture tanned leather, your friends will be left guessing if this beautiful creation was found in the global exotic skins market or if it's a avian copy of highest execution.  Gorgeous Oscar ostrich pillow is available in pearl and grey.  Faux leather skin is supple, and forgiving; not hard and uncomfortable.  Think handcrafted driving shoes or racing gloves.  Sumptuous skin has a subtle sheen and glimmers with a warm patina.  Paired with a lux velvet backing, and a hidden zipper, this pillow shouts understated elegance and bespoke glamour.  A range of coordinating cut velvet pillows in complementary steel, pewter and icicle add appeal and texture to the collected and cherished household.  Metro, Wavelength, Domain, Infinity and Croc are beautiful additions to complete your collection